Regulations on recycling of waste electrical appliances

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      In this regard, Zhang Shudong, deputy inspector of the Department of Commerce and trade services, which is in charge of the trade in of home appliances, disclosed in an exclusive interview with our reporter that during the implementation period of this round of home appliances replacement policy, the Ministry of Commerce will do a good job in linking up with the "establishment of waste electrical and electronic products disposal fund from 2011" stipulated in the "administrative regulations on the recycling and disposal of waste electrical and electronic products". After the policy of "replacing old electrical appliances with old ones" has become a new policy.
      Zhang Shudong told reporters that the national development and Reform Commission drafted the "waste electrical and electronic products recycling management regulations" will be formally implemented on the new year's day of next year, which clearly defines the family The state will encourage producers to recycle or entrust sellers, maintenance organizations, after-sales service agencies and operators of waste electrical and electronic products to recycle waste electrical and electronic products. The treatment mode of family workshop will be standardized, and the treatment of e-waste will develop to the direction of enterprise centralized treatment.
      "Unconventional" policy is doomed to exit
      Enterprises should go to high end and enhance competitiveness
      "Replacing the old with the new is an incentive policy. Consumers can not always rely on subsidies to obtain tangible benefits, and household appliance enterprises and channel operators can not always rely on the government." According to Liu Xiahui, a researcher at the Institute of economic research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the policy of replacing old appliances with new ones is a "unconventional" policy to stimulate domestic demand in a special period, which is reflected in its "unfairness". For example, residents who are not in the pilot area and do not have old household appliances can not enjoy the benefits of the policy. "Unfairness means that the" unconventional "policy will definitely withdraw. After China's economic situation turns around, the" unconventional "policy implemented in the special period will gradually withdraw."
      Lu Jianbo, Deputy Secretary General of the China electronics chamber of Commerce, also said that replacing old appliances with new ones is only a temporary policy. Enterprises should make full use of the buffer period given by the government, strengthen product development, promote the development of products from low-end to high-end, so as to enhance competitiveness. "When the foreign economic situation improves, the relevant departments will definitely consider the policy of withdrawing at the right time.".
      To this end, Lu has opened a "prescription" for enterprises and the market, gradually making products develop from low-end to medium and high-end, eliminate low-end products, and move forward from OEM (OEM) to independent brand. "The two steps can not only avoid being accused of dumping, but also increase the gold content of products, cultivate stronger market competitiveness and increase the added value of products."
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