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As we explain under What We’re About, this is not a discussion forum, so we’ve followed the practices of some other sites, such as Powerline and Steyonline, in deciding against enabling readers to post comments.

However, we’re pleased to receive feedback, tips about stuff we’ve covered and any advice or suggestions, so please e-mail us.

Please keep your e-mails reasonably clean and brief. Anything that’s ridiculously offensive, defamatory (especially to third parties), delusionally paranoid or endlessly long will simply be discarded. Obvious physical threats to ourselves or our families may be referred to our solicitors or the police.

We’ll try to reply to most polite e-mails, even if it’s just one word of thanks or encouragement. We certainly won’t engage in rounds of escalating mutual abuse. We don’t mind the occasional swear word directed at an abstract situation (“the situation is goddamned ridiculous”) but we don’t want politicians or other legitimate people you’ve got a problem with, even ones we ourselves dislike intensely, referred to as paedophiles, terrorists or baby-seal skullbashers. There are too many real murderers out there.

Particularly relevant, witty or interesting e-mails may be posted or quoted, and we plan to thank readers who furnish particular insights or suggestions. IMPORTANT: if you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this clearly in your e-mail.

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