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Dr. J. – John Weissenberger, a geologist (Ph.D.) and political activist – and Mr. K. – George Koch, a freelance writer – are longtime pals based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who write political columns together. Information about what we’re doing with this site and why we’re doing it can be found under What We’re About. Below are short bios of each of us.

Mr. K.

George Koch has been a full-time freelance writer since the mid-80s. He grew up in Edmonton, Canada, where his parents still reside. His (supposedly retired) father, John, has published a number of books (wjkochpublishing.com). Mr. K. earned a B.A. in philosophy and history from the University of Alberta, and an M.A. in journalism from the University of Western Ontario, graduating with distinction and honours and all that stuff in both cases. He’s travelled widely in Europe, but far less widely than he would like in the rest of the world.

Mr. K. has written thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. His main areas of interest are politics, business/economics and alpine skiing. Hence the organization by subject matter of the Archive. More information on what Mr. K. writes, and why, is contained in the subject headings of Powder, Politics and Profit. Mr. K. also does a considerable amount of corporate writing and speech writing for business and political clients, which are not areas of interest for this weblog.

Mr. K. lives at Calgary with his longtime love, Laurie, several cats, donkeys and any other stray animals in need of TLC. He skis expertly, fly fishes diligently and pilots a whitewater kayak with trepidation and ineptitude. While Laurie’s an expert at yoga, Mr. K. can’t even touch his toes.

Mr. K.’s material makes up the bulk of the archives on DrJandMrK.com. He also provides the majority of new articles appearing in print publications.

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Dr. J.

John Weissenberger is a petroleum geologist who has worked in the oil and natural gas industry for 24 years. Born into a feisty Austro-Hungarian family, he’s a refugee from Montreal who became a born-again Westerner in 1984. The future Dr. J. completed an Honours B.Sc. in geology at the University of Western Ontario, an M.Sc. (Geologie) at Université de Montreal and a Ph.D. in geology at the University of Calgary. He has worked for several large oil and natural gas companies, focusing on exploration projects in Canada, Libya, the Persian Gulf and Indonesia. His primary industry experience and research interest is carbonate reservoirs and sequence stratigraphy. He has received several academic and industry awards.

Dr. J.’s main achievement in industry was as co-discoverer of the Deep Panuke field, off-shore Nova Scotia, in 1998. The pool is estimated to contain over 1 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas – for non-industry types, that number’s as big as it sounds. This experience allows him to contribute to the Profit part of the weblog, writing about oil and natural gas and related industries. It also provides a scientific grounding to his intellectual interest in topics like climate change and environmentalism.

Dr. J.’s main preoccupation beyond work and family is Politics. His interests, though not his religion, are catholic. Principal outdoor pursuits are geological heli-hiking, landscaping and gardening – during which he frequently rails at Calgary’s short growing season – while indoors it’s reading, music, consuming strong coffee and pastry, and watching La Soirée du Hockey. Dr. J. considers Mr. K.’s skiing and fly fishing to be disturbing manifestations of philistinish dilettantism. Dr. J. lives in Calgary with his wife of 15 years and their two young daughters.

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