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As we explain in Powder, our subject areas all begin with “P,” and the word "profit" quickly came to mind in organizing our business articles. As a geologist, Dr. J. has an actual career aside from journalism, while Mr. K. remains a full-time, life-long writing wretch. Hence, as with the skiing articles, most of these items will carry the sole Mr. K. (George Koch) byline. A few Profit items, mainly newspaper op-eds, will be jointly written. We will also be posting actively on economic and business issues.

Mr. K. has spent most of his career as a freelance writer. Living in Calgary, centre of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry and more than 100 major corporate head offices, naturally led to a preponderance of business-focused assignments. Over the past 15 years Mr. K.’s business articles have been widely published in magazines and newspapers, including: Barron’s, B.C. Business, Calgary Herald, Canadian Business, Financial Post, Financial Post Magazine, Investment Executive, Moneysense, National Post Business, National Post, Oilweek, Profit, The Bottom Line and others. Many of these were written in the pre-Internet era (with the original texts composed on PCs long-since “archived” in the municipal landfill) and are not available in our archive.

Currently Mr. K.’s business articles appear mainly in National Post Business, which in September 2005 was renamed Financial Post Magazine, and in Investment Executive. In addition, occasional op-eds in the Calgary Herald, Financial Post and National Post have an economic or business dimension. Some of these are written with Dr. J.

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