Nice start Mr. Liepert!

April 13th, 2014
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So another round of the continuing intra-Conservative shenanigans in Calgary West/Signal Hill is over. For the first time in over twenty years, a Red Tory will have the best opportunity to represent the constituency.  Where Allison Redford and Donna Kennedy-Glans failed, Ron Liepert has succeeded.

Reasonable observers would concede that the out-going MP, Rob Anders, had “issues” as one euphemistically says these days.  His style, if not his politics, was off-putting to some and he was arguably “inclusivity-challenged”. With a prospective change in MP Conservatives might have – whatever the change in politics -hoped for a change in style.

Perhaps their hopes were misplaced. No sooner had Mr. Liepert been nominated than he attacked a senior cabinet minister, Jason Kenney. Apparently he was displeased that Mr. Kenney had endorsed Mr. Anders. Despite the fact that Anders had been Kenney’s colleague for 17 years, the endorsement was seen by Liepert as interference.

Besides displaying questionable judgment in general, Liepert could not have chosen a more inappropriate target for his anger. Jason Kenney is one of the hardest working Conservative MPs and one of the most successful and effective cabinet ministers. If the Conservative Party now enjoys a majority government it is in no small part due to Jason Kenney.

By contrast, I am not aware of any significant involvement by Mr. Liepert in the federal party over the last 10 years. Perhaps he was working feverishly behind the scenes but, as I say, I am not aware of it.

So what do Conservatives and other residents of Calgary Signal Hill have to look forward to with a prospective new MP after 2015? Ironically, the new and old man may turn out to be cut from the same cloth, just cloth of a different colour.

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By John Weissenberger