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December 2nd, 2013
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“It’s funny how it’ll snow more in, like, some parts of the city″ – Calgary FM morning radio hostette

When I was about six, or perhaps four, I thought that the bending trees made the wind happen, and I assumed if there were droplets descending upon my head, it was raining worldwide.

Awakening from this infantile view seems to have been an arresting experience for at least one (apparently) adult professional broadcaster in our fair metropole. This morning, she pronounced it “funny″ to have encountered the amazing phenomenon of a higher-lying and more exposed area receiving more snow than other areas.

I remarked to my captive car audience, the Mrs. K., that while there were plenty of idiotic-sounding DJs in my youth, back then one got the sense that they were acting stupid. Being part of the Revolutionary 60s and decaying 70s, their role demanded a certain contempt for authority and convention, and the easiest way was just to behave goofy.

It seems there is no more acting. Stupefying ignorance has become the standard condition.

(With apologies to our friend Chuck in Fernie, who admonished us never to pick on radio hosts because it’s just too darned easy.)

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By George Koch