“It” is out

January 26th, 2013
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There are varied opinions about the Globe and Mail.  One school of thought, likely favoured by the broadsheet itself, suggests it’s the national paper of record. Another view is that it is aimed at Toronto stockbrokers of a certain lifestyle.

An article in yesterday’s Globe tends to support the latter interpretation, in fact it suggests a striking, shark-jumping moment. Or jumping something anyway.

The article, third most-viewed on the website as of 9 PM EST yesterday, expounds on a certain male appendage. Not quite at the level of a “monologue”, it nonetheless plumbs the depths of something. Those poor discredited slippery-slope-ists, seeing something like this, must feel truly re-energized.

But should one be surprised?  Recalling stories like the twittering of Mr. Weiner’s wiener, the article seems almost like a philosophical treatise by comparison.

Given the fact that “sex sells” and popular culture in general, one shouldn’t be surprised at all. However, superior wits and intellects have gotten a lot more with less as it were. Less explicitness. There are many examples from Seinfeld alone, perhaps the episode “The Stand-in” stands out the most. There, it’s referred to simply as “it” and with side-splitting results. That one speaks for itself.

Of course the obvious question is, once an “institution” like the Globe has gone that far south of the equator, how do they get back? Maybe someone could give them a map?

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By John Weissenberger