Everyone is right

November 7th, 2012
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By now many of you will have heard all the reasons why Romney lost yesterday. Well, guess what?  They’re all right. In an election this close, any single one of these factors could by itself have caused the Republican loss.

Let’s review a few of them (and where I heard them):

1/ Vicious attack ads “killed” Romney (everyone)

2/ Romney didn’t nail the President with Benghazi in the third debate (O’Reilly)

3/ Hurricane Sandy (Krauthammer et al.), with special emphasis on the Christie hug (Krauthammer)

4/ America has too many people who “want free stuff” (O’Reilly)

5/ The media’s slobbering love affair (Goldberg), which could be broken down into any number of individually fatal factors – e.g. no Benghazi coverage, no Romney coverage, etc.

6/ The Dems turnout model was more correct, the corollary being that the Republicans did not effectively reach out to minorities

7/ The loopy “war on women” rhetoric

8/ It’s very hard to knock off a sitting president (Coulter et al.)

9/ It’s almost impossible to beat Santa Claus (Limbaugh)

10/ Marco Rubio should have been on the ticket

And the list goes on. Readers can choose which of these, or others, they believe were the crucial factors. Forget about American conservatism, this is a bad result for America period. One can only hope that this is the high water mark of American Leftism, knowing of course that it will return and return.

It’s worth bearing in mind that conventional wisdom said U.S. conservatism was dead with Goldwater’s loss in 1964. That was followed by 20 out of 28 years of Republican administrations.

Now that I think of it, not everyone was right. Dick Morris was definitely wrong…

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By John Weissenberger