Bag-ism in Halifax

June 23rd, 2012
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Rather than just me being an antediluvian knuckle-dragger, apparently there is at least one other who has not internalized the environmental imperatives of the 21st century. This individual, for obvious reasons, requests anonymity. But he is willing to share his sordid experience with us. Naturally, DrJandMrK disavows any opinions reflected in this account. It is hope of educating our small audience that we share these words from Dave B. of Halifax; to whom we express our sincere thanks. What follows is his encounter at the Mountain Equipment Co-op.
“I purchased a loose handful of plastic clasps / buckles, and after receiving my change, they remained on the counter.  I looked up at the clerk and asked ‘Can you please put these in a bag for me?’ He replied that as of 2011 MEC does not use bags anymore, and as to why stated they were doing their part to save the planet.
In a diabolical flash of brilliance, I looked at him, and with a sweeping gesture to the entire store behind me exclaimed ‘If it wasn’t for plastic, Mountain Equipment Co-op would’nt exist! Ninety percent of everything in this store is some form of plastic save for a bit of leather, wool, cotton and metal!’
I was greeted with stunned silence and a slack jaw. I prodded him, ‘Surely you have a plastic bag in this store you can give me!’  Without a word he opened a drawer behind him and rummaged around a bit, eventually producing a clear plastic bag, mumbling ‘We do keep these for use from time to time as many of our products are packed in them.’ 
I am certain that this rich irony was completely lost on him. And the MEC.
MORAL:  Never miss an opportunity to directly confront these smug and ignorant members of the Green Reich. You will not change them, but maybe some other customers, and feel good in the process.”
May this serve as a warning to us all. 

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By John Weissenberger