UN “Rapporteurs” redux

May 13th, 2012
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Perhaps with the UN’s many commemorative days, weeks, etc., etc., they also have a “Rapporteurs‘ Week”. If so, last week might have been it.

First there was the story mentioned in my last post, about Rapporteur de Schutter,  who was investigating Canada’s food distribution. Now another of the rapporteurs, James Anaya, is in the news. He is suggesting that, amongst other things, Mt. Rushmore should be given to Native Americans. Fair enough.

This assertion quickly made it onto Bill O’Reilly’s “Dumbest Things of the Week”. While acknowledging the historical wrongs done to Natives, O’Reilly and his panelists couldn’t resist subjecting that proposal to some typically pithy commentary. It was debated further here.

Readers may judge for themselves the UN’s ability to prioritize. Suffice it to say that, Europeans having wiped out what might pass for indigenous peoples on their continent centuries ago, they are free to poke around elsewhere. Fortunately, they have to problems of their own to occupy them.

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By John Weissenberger