How hard is it?

April 22nd, 2012
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(Alberta’s PCs) “look to extend their 41 years in power by overcoming a challenge from the hard-right Wildrose Alliance (sic).” -

Wire story from Reuters, April 2012.

How hard is it? For fans of Monty Python, the only answer to that query is “that’s a rather personal question sir”. It seems however that the “h”-word is one the usual media suspects have been drawn to when covering the Alberta election.

As is so often the case with the media double standard, reporters feel compelled to warn the hapless public that certain politicians, or political parties are “hard” right, or “ultra” conservative. Of course the adjectives “left” or “hard-left” are conspicuous by their absence from the media vocabulary when describing the Liberals or NDP.

My informal survey records at least two instances of the adjective “hard” in reference to Wildrose, one on CBC Radio One news and the one above from Reuters. For good measure, CBC  radio yesterday referred to the Wildrose as being “even more conservative” than the PCs”. Imagine that! This must really be keeping some news writers up at night.

The outrageous conduct of the media during the Alberta campaign has already been analyzed on sites like Blogging Tories, but deserves much further discussion. The CBC is what it is, but the tarnish of reflexive Left coverage on wire services like Reuters deserves to be broadcast far and wide. MrK tells me that Reuters has discredited itself through its idiosyncratic coverage of terrorism and the Middle East, but it’s very disconcerting to see it affect your own back yard. Readers beware.

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By John Weissenberger