Language adversity

January 26th, 2012
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“What you’re seeing is that the Romney campaign is too risk adverse”. -

Bill O’Reilly on The Factor

 Well, yeah, the Romney campaign is definitely too something, or maybe not enough of something else. Approaching a crucial juncture tonight in the form of the last candidates’ debate before the Florida primary, the former Massachusetts governor definitely could use a jolt. A “defining” rhetorical moment, similar to what Newt Gingrich had with CNN’s John King a few days ago is what the punditocracy, and likely more than a few of Romney’s supporters, are clamouring for.

On the way to making that point, language maven Bill O’Reilly had his own little slip-up. That said, his analysis is correct. Romney’s front-runner-style campaign has run into difficulties and needs an injection of energy. Maybe it will happen tonight?

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By John Weissenberger