I have an idea, not for how I voted yesterday, but for how I shall vote this fall

August 26th, 2011
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“I have a vision, not for what we are, but for what we can be” – campaign ad for Doug Horner, Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership candidate
The mind boggles at how such a sentiment made it past even the self-absorbed beings serving today’s mid-level politicians. Aside from its mind-numbing banality, extraordinary even by today’s standards, it’s redundant. All visions are about the future (unless we’re talking about ESP or black magic, which I assume nobody beyond the Wiccan Party candidate would wish to associate herself with). Is the narcissism of the post-modern political class so complete as to have removed elementary self-reflection?
When I mentioned the slogan to the Mrs. K, she just caught herself from spewing the first heady sip of her $7 coffee-related Starbucks (sic) concoction.  As she spends much of her working life coming up with concepts and slogans that are catchy and arresting but internally consistent and non-clownish, she immediately recognized the absurdity.
Will nobody else? And why even centre your campaign on vision when there are more earthly items like a gigantic deficit, overpaid/underworked civil servants, an increasingly rule-strangled busines sector, horrific roads, etc.? What is the vision for those items, not only “what they are”, but what they “can be”?
To be fair, Horner’s other slogan is: “Let’s get it done right.” That’s something I could get behind, as long as we agreed on the meaning of “it”, “done” and, I suppose, “right”. 

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By George Koch