Adverb trouble

June 4th, 2011
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“How would you be affected if Canada finally legalized the sex trade?” -

CBC’s Stephen Puddicombe interviewing a “sex-trade worker”

It’s a well known fact that journalists have no opinions and are simply stern, cold blooded reporters of fact. This is particularly true of CBC journalists.

Their news editors are of course similarly Vulcanesque in choosing which stories are covered on the newscasts. Imagine my surprise then when, during routine coverage of a sex-trade workers’ conference in Halifax, the construction shown above appeared. Mr. Puddicombe was perhaps fatigued, after a long day of sex-trade discussion and debate, and somehow that uncharacteristically strong adverb “finally” crept into his reportage. Lord knows, hard-boiled reporting can just take it out of you. Just cut them some slack, will you?

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By John Weissenberger