“Irregardless” and “unthawed”

April 20th, 2011
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Classic stupidisms live! When MrK and I launched on our, apparently unending, quest to showcase linguistic quirks and oddities, it was words like these that served as our inspiration.  The irony is, classics like these have become so common, they may end up supplanting the real words.

The first, a reflexive combination of “irrespective” and “regardless”, I heard on my morning commute yesterday.  Calgary alderman-cum-”councillor”, Jim Stevenson,  was talking about the city’s proposed airport tunnel and how he (still) hopes it will be approved.

We have to go to the, always dependable sportscaster for the second one.  This was CHQR’s Mark Stephen, who asked Montreal Canadiens’ play-by-play man Rick Moffatt how long it had taken him to “unthaw” from this year’s Heritage Classic.  Moffatt, ever the gentleman, didn’t bat an eyelash in his response.  The sad thing is, as I write winter hasn’t really ended in Calgary yet, and we’re all waiting to unthaw…

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By John Weissenberger