Sowing stupidity

March 16th, 2011
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“Sewing sustainable seeds” -

Front page of headline of ffwd, a Calgary pulp weekly.

Like most cities, Calgary has piles of “alternative” papers lying around, mostly in coffee shops and trendy hangouts. One of these is “fast forward weekly”,  Calgary’s self-styled “news and entertainment alternative”. If you’re thinking “round up the usual suspects”, you’d be right.

This week’s article on community garden plots, by Trevor Scott Howell – not to be confused with Trevor Howell, or Scott Howell – is plagued by the awful mis-use of the word “sow” quoted above. If it were buried in the story that would be one thing, but plastered in one-inch green type on the front page, that’s hard to miss. One can perhaps attribute this boner to the writer’s unfamiliarity with the word “sew”.

Once you get past the headline, you’ll learn that Calgary is planning a “sustainable and resilient food system within the Calgary region”. With my luck they’ll start building concrete planters in the middle of major traffic arteries and kill two birds with one stone – “calm” traffic and grow local. Or perhaps our favourite Alderpersonwoman, Druh Farrell, will plant entire boulevards in vegetables…

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By John Weissenberger