Frickin’ Freudian

February 17th, 2011
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“The decision was handed down by CRTC chair Conrad von Frickenstein” -

AM 770 CHQR Newsreaderperson

There were fireworks a couple of weeks ago, surrounding the CRTC’s proposal to change internet billing. One can’t help thinking that there was just a hint of the subconscious slipping through in that sound bite.

While we’re at it, there is something decided jarring just listening to Mr. von Finkenstein.  Growing up, there wasn’t much beyond the bi-modal Canadian pattern in public servants, or the media. Amongst the latter, Joe Schlesinger was the exception that proved the rule, until the advent of the Hanomansing’s, Naidoo’s, et al. If senior public servants had any nationality, it might be British. Without plunging immediately into ethnic stereotypes, let’s just say that Mr. von Finkenstein’s accent is “unique”, and leave it at that. Whatever one might think about the man and his opinions, it’s unlikely he benefited from any affirmative hiring practices.

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By John Weissenberger