Tailor-made Stupidism

January 12th, 2011
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“It’ll be warmer than average for the next couple of days, with temperatures tailoring off toward the weekend.” –

Calgary’s CHQR’s morning man, Bruce Kenyon.

It’s again with just a tiny bit of reluctance that I quote something uttered in the cold, dark, bleary-eyed, early morning hours of January. But this one was just too odd to omit. One assumes Mr. Kenyon was reaching for “trailing off” or “tailing off”, neither of which are particularly apt, and then his mind wandered into haberdashery, or something.

Local cable has begun the odd practice of televising CHQR’s morning show which, as one says today, is “too much information”. Radio people have long been known for looking as bad as their voices are good; and I’m afraid some of AM 770′s folks are no exception. Given what they wear now that they’re televised, one wonders what they wore before? Let’s just say that, finding a homeless person with a marvellous radio voice, is no surprise. Tailoring indeed.

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By John Weissenberger