Stupid me

December 31st, 2010
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“Day 6″ -

Name of CBC Radio One Program.

On this December 31st I may as well ask myself what century I’m in, let alone what year. Those of odd inclinations, or Canadians in remote rural compounds, you may have CBC Radio One on Saturday morning.

When I heard about the show named above I smugly thought to myself “Well, CBC’s blown it again”. Of course, antediluvian that I am, I thought Saturday was the seventh day of the week. Not really.

It seems there’s an organization called the “International Organization for Standardization”. Talk about a name to get conspiracy theorists and crackpots of various ilks talking. Headquarters are in, you guessed it, Geneva.

They have declared, despite any lingering, antiquated ideas, that Monday is the first day of the week. Time was you could win trivia contests by knowing Sunday was the first, but no longer.

These must be the same guys who dispatched A.D. and B.C. to the dustbin of history. Speaking of trivia, without knowing about B.C., how would you know there was no Year Zero?

Anyway, Monday is first, CBC is “right” and maybe the Stupidism is on me… Happy New Year!

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By John Weissenberger