No bragging

October 21st, 2010
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“You know I could just write adonyne lyrics that wouldn’t move anyone…” -

Billy Brag, British alternative rock musician.

Mr. Bragg is described as an “alternative rock musician and left-wing activist”. I guess this is to distinguish him from the alternative rockers who aren’t actually activists.

For someone who’s written songs to fill more than a dozen albums, it’s gratifying to see him fall into a healthy Stupidism of the finest order. What he meant of course was “anodyne”, as in relaxing, or soothing, rather than “adonyne” – which suggests some kind of glandular problem.

Despite his apparent championing of the cause, he has felt the wrath of inter-Left squabbling. One Trotsky-ish journalist criticized him for “pontificating on a South London council estate when we all know he lives in a lovely big house in West Dorset”. Ouch.

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By John Weissenberger