Putting the “ass” in assertion

August 31st, 2010
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“This counters the assertation that the economic recovery will be slow.” -

Faisal Karmali, CHQR’s financial guru

I don’t know how you readers have fared in your investments over the last few years, particularly in mutual funds. Let’s just say that my esteem for financial planners could be higher.

They’d be higher yet if they spoke proper English. Faisal and  sidekick in planning, Dave Popowich, appear to be native English speakers; so let’s just hope, for the sake of his clients, Faisal’s linguistic slips are made up for by financial acumen.

My fear is that Mr. Karmali falls into that type of language embellisher that can’t resist using a long word when a shorter, more succinct one is available. They think it makes them sound smart. In this case he’s gone as far as inventing “assertation” – assertion not being long and fancy enough. Reminds me of people who like using “orientate”, albeit regrettably a real word, rather than the equally effective – and blessedly shorter – “orient”.

Again, none of this speaks to Mr. Karmali’s knowledge in the world of investing. On the other hand, if he encourages you to make an “investation”, I might think twice.

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By John Weissenberger