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August 17th, 2010
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“This system filters out all organismal growth” –

Danny Hooper, spokesman for Big Iron Drilling

One big plus about switching from the gutted classics on CBC Radio Two to AM radio News -Talk-Sports is ads. I now know when all the mattress sales are on, have memorized the jingles for several travel ads and laugh at that president of the home alarm firm who insists on introducing himself on every commercial. Every commercial. It’s all about him.

One of the delightful local spots is from the aforementioned water-drilling company. Besides the actual drilling of the well, for which they say you can “take advantage big government grants”, they feature several high-tech-sounding products that strip out the nasty floaters from said water.

Just as you’re imagining what those little suspended specks in the water might be, their spokespersonman tells you. Organismals. Not unlike the president of that home alarm company, each of these water commercials ends with the announcer saying “and tell them Danny Hooper sent you”. Whether this entitles you to a discount isn’t clear. Mr. Hooper (the spokespersonman) admits to a long career as an emcee and country singer, having graduated from the “school of hard knocks”. Must be where he learned about those organismals.

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By John Weissenberger