Miller’s border solution

August 8th, 2010
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“I’m trying to picture how many minuets that would take.” -

Bill O’Reilly on the “Miller time” segment, August 3rd, 2010

Bill O’Reilly is one of the few sticklers for proper language, usage and increased vocabulary. But he often skirts Stupidism when in rhetorical flight.

This one was committed during a discussion with Dennis Miller on the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Readers may be aware that a Muslim group is in the process of buying land near Ground Zero to build a mosque. Miller’s reaction was as funny as it was pointed. He asked the rhetorical question about what would happen should a Gay New York couple visit the proposed mosque and ask to be married.

The conversation then shifted to U.S.  border problems with Mexico. Miller suggested that “a very long, narrow mosque” be built along the border, so that the “Mexicans and Muslims could whine at each other”. This was when Mr. O’Reilly, meaning to contemplate the number of minarets, suddenly interjected with a reference to 18th century dancing. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

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By John Weissenberger