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March 26th, 2010
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“If you’re not a hemroid stay off my *ss” -

Sign in the rear window of a Calgary sedan

When our preconceptions are broken it might be funny – or revolting. For example, it’s not a bad guess to assume an older person might be more polite or deferential than a high school student. At least, the older you get, the more you’d like to think so.

On the other hand, comedy has made the most of portraying characters like the foul-mouthed granny; and occasionally you meet a real life, polite young person. In this case it was the real McCoy alright, and not of the charming variety.

This elderly gentleman, driving a Hyundai Accent GS (Alberta license NAS 016), took the time to craft a hand-made sign – using cardboard and black marker – adorned with the aforementioned words to live by. Placed prominently in his rear window, I had the chance to admire it for one long red light a couple of weeks ago.

So here’s a little “thank you” to one pensioner who’s using his retirement to enrich the lives of his fellow men. Wonder what his next brainstorm will be?

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By John Weissenberger