Intellectual pizza

July 29th, 2009
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“You’ve heard of the supercontinent, now try the super pizza!” - 

Slogan from Pangaea Pizza flyer, Calgary

OK, so you can see my attraction to this off-the-wall marketing idea. Not only does the name of this new pizza joint honour the unique agglomeration of continents eons ago, but it assumes the public knows what the heck it’s talking about. Now that’s chutzpah. The company logo also features – what else! – a map of the eponymous continent, with helpful labeling so you can find where the modern continents were back in the day.

Let’s just say MrK and I are a little more skeptical about public knowledge or even interest in plate tectonics and continental drift. To us, it’s a little akin to saying “You’ve heard of String Theory in quantum mechanics, now try our new thin pasta!”

Here’s hoping our friends at the super continent do well. One piece of advice though: it’s likely the taste and service that will make the difference, not impressive knowledge of earth history…

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By John Weissenberger