Terrorist vigilantes or vigilante terrorists?

July 21st, 2009
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“Any time you’re seeing this kind of sabotage, your first concern is the safety of the workers and the public,” she said. “Obviously, there’s somebody out there who has taken the law into their own hands and they’re running the risk of hurting themselves very badly. It’s an abhorrent situation.” –

Brenda Kenny, president of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, quoted in the National Post

OK, so we know there are strange laws in B.C. Or maybe the laws are alright but they just don’t enforce them? Anyway, even in B.C. we think it would be a stretch to suggest there are laws encouraging bombing of things we don’t like. Perhaps it was in her distress over the repeated acts of domestic terrorism (even the Mounties call it that) destroying EnCana facilities in NE B.C. that Ms Kenny msspoke.

It was then she blurred the fine line between vigilante justice and terrorism. She further expressed confidence in the police investigation, but suggested might require a “timely tip from a neighbour”. Just so.

Thanks to observant friend of the blog Phil E for spotting this one.


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By John Weissenberger