Less is Moore

March 31st, 2009
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It’s always instructive to read, as much as one can stomach it, liberal commentators. You know, know your…

Living on a very distant orbit of the centre of the universe, I have little familiarity with CFRB and therefore with John Moore. Regarding the station, I guess it figures that Toronto would boast liberal talk-radio guys. Reading Mr. Moore’s bio however, explains a lot. His pedigree as a Montreal Anglo is impeccable – NDG, Vanier College, Concordia. Growing up there, you can’t help knowing the species intimately. If they were in a Looney Tunes short, like Wile E. Coyote, they’d be frozen for a second and the caption “Liberalus montrealensis” would appear below. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s a testament to the excessive fairness of the National Post that they give Mr. Moore a soapbox, and a testament to his chutzpah that he takes on, of all people, Ann Coulter and Conrad Black in the same article. Coulter is the author of six books, most, if not all of them best-sellers; and Mr. Black, we know about him.

Reviewing her latest book from the perspective of the small pond, Mr. Moore indulges in some wishful thinking. He maintain the “Coulter schtick” is past its “best-before-date”, that she reflects the “intellectual and moral bankruptcy” of conservatism. Wow, that’s the best use of a rhetorical stock phrase I’ve seen in a long time. If there where a Costco for tired writers that one would be two aisles over from the rascist-fascist shelf. (For a better criticism of Coulter, read Bernard Goldberg’s book).

Call me intellectually bankrupt, but what is more passé than re-hashed liberal arguments of the 1970’s, particularly those spawned in the suburbs of western Quebec? Well, for one, how about the blind faith in liberal “progress” and the belief that conservative philosophy is antediluvian and must inevitably disappear like Marx’s withered state? But that is essentially the argument that Moore is making, Ann Coulter has had her day and should just go away.

Well, how about Lawrence Martin then? His latest missive argues that the federal Conservatives are pursuing a “regressive” foreign policy (i.e. one he disagrees with) and that, with the emergence of President Obama, the days of conservatism (whenever those were) are over. Seems like liberal wishful-thinkingitis is catching. If you can’t argue conservatives away perhaps you can wish them away.

Speaking of rhetorical flourishes, Mr. Martin finishes by saying conservative hardliners need not “(roll) over in their caves”.  Ouch! So he thinks philosophical conservatives are Neanderthal knuckle-draggers. Sticks and stones. This from someone who implies pernicious British MP Roger Galloway is annoying but essentially harmless (a “gadfly”).

OK, Ms Coulter’s style may not please everyone. But thank God she’s there, if only because she annoys the Moores and Martins so much. It’s clear that these, like other liberals – in their open and tolerant way – are not just angry with Coulter but with the fact that she even exists. That’s why they want to wish her, and the rest of us, away.

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By John Weissenberger