I’ll take European geography for $200 Alex

February 25th, 2009
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“Llamas have now returned north of the equator”. -

CBC Radio One News, Calgary

“… Armenia, the eastern European country…” -

MacLean’s magazine

It wasn’t so long ago that a national candidate was ridiculed for not knowing the local flow direction of a Canadian river. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to find a few journalistic glass houses on that score.

The first quote was from a story about llama farming in Alberta. It correctly reported that llamas first appeared in North America, but were wiped out during the last Ice Age (where was global warming when they needed it?). Their natural range now is all along the Andes, which of course extend north of the equator.

The second quote generously extends the frontiers of Europe south of the Caucasus mountains, where it is typically drawn. That would put Armenia in Asia, or perhaps more accurately, in the Middle, or Near East.

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By John Weissenberger