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December 18th, 2008
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“Recent developments in the Liberal party leadership race suggest Michael Ignatieff will be coronated – Dan Matheson, announcer, CTV Newsnet

This is in keeping with the media’s current all-Ignatieff-all-the-time fixation. A good friend of mine used “coronated” the other day in the same context, while another radio host talked about low oil prices making things “more tougher” (even though gas is way more cheaper). Both expressions seem to be evolving into more commoner Stupidisms.

As Mr. K. points out, the state of post-modern schooling is so abysmal that even people who work with words for a living (i.e., journalists) seem to have retained many of the childish bad language habits that were drummed out of previous generations by elementary school teachers. As he remembers, it took a solid month for teacher to imprint variations of the fast-faster-fastest sequence in her nine-year-old charges’ minds. By Grade 5, only the dumbest kids would use expressions like “more faster” – and be jeered by their 29 classmates for the transgression.

In this case, Mr. Matheson was groping for the word “crowned”, as in “Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen”. Evidently the reverse path from coronation to coronated is tempting, even though it’s longer than the correct word. Sort of like “at this point in time” seems to be more attractive than “at this time” – let alone “now”.

Oh well, shows you the folks at CBC Radio One aren’t the only culprits. Maybe Dan should be decoronated and sent back to doing the weather on Canada AM, a more easier assignment whose downscale status could perhaps be described as being “proletarianized”.

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By John Weissenberger and George Koch