Radio One … encore

August 28th, 2008
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“… Denis Coderre, minister ummm Member of Parliament for the area …” – CBC Radio One news announcer

Things move slowly in government and apparently that includes Canada’s national broadcaster. The Harper government can certainly no longer be called “Canada’s new government” as they are soon to become the third longest minority government in Canadian history (assuming no precipitous rush to the polls). So this Freudian (Trudeaupian surely) slip by the announcer cannot really be attributed to the government’s novelty. Perhaps wishful thinking on the lady’s part?
FYI, the news item had to do with the recent violence in Montreal Nord over, if I recall corretly, what was felt locally as undue force used by police there. Apologies to friend of the blog Scott G., who suggests Radio One should not be eligible as a source of Stupidisms because they produce so many. While Scott’s certainly right, we feel you readers should at least get some of the best (worst) ones.
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