Killing Kenn(e)ys

June 18th, 2008
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“That was Jason Kenney, Chair (sic) of the Senate committee on Defense and National Security”

CBC Radio One announcer


We’ve picked on CBC quite a lot of late, but apparently for good reason. They just keep producing error after error. For anyone who knows the organization, this is not likely due to a staff shortage.

Here they are confusing Senator Colin Kenny, former Trudeau staffer and Senator since the days of Methuselah, with Conservative MP and Secretary of State Jason Kenney.

OK, anyone could make that mistake you say – except perhaps if you’re getting paid to make sure your reports are accurate. Or perhaps you aren’t.

Another boner in a later report referred to a parliamentary commission dealing with a certain problem. It was of course a parliamentary committee. Maybe we could just use the word “Commish” to avoid confusion. We all seem to have gotten used to calling people “chairs”. What is the average IQ of a chair anyway, compared to that of a CBC copy editor?

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