Preposition problem

June 11th, 2008
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“Going out for business” –

Sign outside Ottawa shop

There’s a kitchenware shop in downtown Ottawa that’s had a “going out of business” sign up for over 18 months. “Everything must go” reads a sign below. Month after month, the signs are up, but the store stays in business. Any day, I figured, some zealous by-law enforcement officer would shut them down for false advertising
Well, guess what? As indicated above, the sign is “Going out FOR business”. Get it? So the buyer had better beware when looking at that set of Henckel knives (or is that “Heckel”?) that’s been “on sale” for the last year.
Interestingly, the new Adam Sandler movie, “You don’t mess with the Zohan”, features an Israeli-run electronics shop called … wait for it … “Going out of Business”. That’s the name of the shop. Art really is life, or life, art – I don’t know.

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