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January 30th, 2008
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“The tricky part is growing enough strawberries, lettuce, wheat, soybeans, dwarf apples, carrots, radishes, beats, green onions…” – Anne McIlroy, Globe and Mail article about growing food on Mars

That darn Spell-check! Aren’t they ever going to get a grammar function that works? If we can put a man on the moon (or in this case send men to Mars), why can’t we get programs to deal with homophonic words? As MrK has observed, the days of the effective proofreader are over, but clearly the Age of the Proofreading Machine not yet here.

Because this Stupidism was a little thin, I offer a similar one from Fox News (“Fare and Balanced”). This quote from a quickly departing Rudy Giuliani:

“’Senator McCain and Governor Romney are doing such a good job of attacking each other, how about voting for somebody whose not attacking? Vote for me, Rudy Giuliani,’ he said while visiting the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach.”

While the homophone is worth at least a smirk, there are two more funny things about this quote. Firstly, MY Spell-check caught “whose”, and secondly Giuliani was speaking at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. Some may deem it odd as a campaign strategy, to focus on well-known tourist traps; presumably he’s also planned stops at Parrot Jungle and South of the Border. Arriba!

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