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June 25th, 2007
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It’s always gratifying to provide updates for readers on topics previously discussed on these pages. They are on somewhat different topics, but the common thread is their predominance in the popular, intellectual fashionista culture.

The first deals with the obscure political obsessions of CBC Radio One; specifically its apparent desire to keep Canadians apprised on the latest developments in Cuba. So it was that yesterday’s program of Dispatches, featured two items on the fabled isle. One was a report on the latter day Stalinists’ superior medical system (perhaps riffing on the Michael Moore furor discussed here by MrK over the weekend).

It seems that a number of Americans are now attending medical school in the peoples’ republic, adding to the already swelling numbers of graduating doctors. When contemplating this it might be worth considering that, way back when, there were also U.S. medical students studying on the island of Grenada – presumably those that couldn’t get into Harvard or Johns Hopkins, amongst others.

The other Cuba story is none other than a nostalgic tale about Fidel Castro braving the stormy main, along with a band of fellow conspirators, in preparation for the prospective revolution. We wait with baited breath the nostalgic look at Francisco Franco’s early years in the Spanish army, interviewing the charming children of his comrades, and a thoughtful analysis the role of religion in António de Oliveira Salazar’s plan for Portugal. Stay tuned for those. (In the meantime you can check out this link for a Hollywood fashion choice gone wrong.)

For the climatically-challenged, the Financial Post published an excellent summary last week of the latest research on sunspots and the general correlation between solar activity and Earth’s climate (you’ll also find a comprehensive set of links to their “deniers” series ther). This echoes our own guest column by Fred M. some weeks ago on the same topic. Warning to those of you thinking of investing in the new northern sunbelt – sunspot activity is projected to begin decreasing around 2020 with a comensurate decrease in temperatures here on terra firma. Whoops! Guess we’ll have to work on those plans to un-sequester all that CO2 we’ll be pumping into the ground over the next few years.

As the proud proprietors of DrJ&MrK, we’re happy to say you read it here first!

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