Scott Squared

June 21st, 2007
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We have written previously about the literary stylings of Scott Feschuk, columnist for MacLean’s, and his less than transparent association with biggest-L Liberal beer and popcorn tycoon Scott Reid. Well, the boys were in the news recently and in another one of those strange life imitates art things – if you can call Seinfeld art.

It seems that, like the characters on the long-running NBC sitcom, the Scott2 have gotten the green light to develop a comedy pilot for the Comedy Network. From the name, it doesn’t sound like, as in Seinfeld, the show is a thinly veiled copy of their real lives. Were that the case though, it would be interesting to see if Scott F’s rise to national columnist at all resembled George Costanza’s career path to the Yankee’s front office.

Having been a Paul Martin speech writer doesn’t (except in the case of MrK and me) exactly constitute ‘doing the opposite”, so the analogy might be a stretch. However, at least with the two of us, we know which one of us is George. It seems Scott2 are still trying to figure that one out.

As regards Scott R., at least one old Conservative warhorse hopes that he’s found his true calling. The more Liberal communications flacks who become screen writers the better. In fact, maybe there’s a legitimate need for a subsidy there.

If the rumours are true, the Martin PMO was often busy comparing itself to The West Wing, and trying to figure out who most resembled which character. Time will tell whether this was time well spent or not. It was obviously a critical aspect of governing that has been lost on others.

But in all seriousness, best wishes for a long successful career away from Ottawa for both these Great Canadians™. Seriously.

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