Planet Zog: where the global warming hothouse kills polar bears

May 25th, 2007
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The phenomenon of global warming dogma gaining widespread public acceptance has had me alternately marvelling at the effectiveness of the zealots’ propaganda and wondering how it came to be so. I speculated here about what I called the Kyoto reversal of fortune. Dr. J. and columnist Lorne Gunter, a good friend, believe it’s driven in large part by the relentless drumbeat in the mainstream news media.

The cartoon below is an excellent example of how this is occurring. It’s marginally funny, but only in a rather nasty way, since it celebrates killing – albeit of a politically safe kind, middle-aged white men, the last politically unprotected demographic in post-western society.

The bulk of it, as you see, is pure political propaganda – and of a singularly counter-factual kind. The enviro-leftist polar bear narrative consists of a series of exaggerations, distortions and lies.

The infamous recent poster of a family of polar bears apparently stranded on an ice floe – which appears to have inspired the current cartoon – was quickly revealed as a fraud: the ice wasn’t part of some disappearing regional sheet, just an ordinary chunk floating close to shore. The bears, far from being stranded like terrified Boat People, had swum out from shore voluntarily – possibly just for fun. Hours later, they swam back again.

More substantively, the latest polar bear studies show Canadian polar bear numbers zooming right through our last two, ostensibly record-warm, decades. Worldwide, most polar bear populations appear stable, and more are growing than shrinking. As for the disappearing ice, the various studies of Arctic and Antarctic ice suggest shrinkage in some areas, growth in others.

In any case, the idea that polar bears need continuous ice to live is, at minimum, conceptually bizarre. More open water should equal more opportunities to access game. Polar bears spend lots of time on dry land and along shorelines, as any visitor to the Churchill area can attest. And they are superb swimmers, crossing miles of open water without problem.

Finally, the cartoon’s sarcastic reference to the “planet Zog” reveals the cartoonist’s lazy ignorance or tendentious polemicism. Much of the world’s astrophysical community is of the view that planetary temperature variations have a solar cause.

In sum, we see promulgation of another myth that incrementally strengthens the average person’s conviction that the very Earth is in peril and humanity with its modern lifestyle is the cause.

Thanks to my good friend Mike from Vancouver Island for sending the cartoon as a mischievous intellectual provocation. I replied in part:

Out at the RRC north of Calgary we’ve had two clearly global-warming induced blizzards within six days. The polar bears would be welcome to take up residence on the ice floes at the bottom of our coulee.

Speaking of ice floes, have you heard about the record cold in South Africa? Global warming is supposed to imperil lives over the next 200 years or so. Funny how a single cold snap in one country can kill plenty of people right now.

But as The Doc would say, paraphrasing the enviro-cult and its mainstream media acolytes: “Just another example of that wacky weather we can expect from ‘climate change’.”

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