One flu over the cuckoo’s nest

December 29th, 2006
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Readers will forgive us for not being as diligent in writing since Christmas as we’d hoped – as Mr.K
warned. It turned out even worse than expected for me because  on
Christmas Eve I came down with one of the worst bouts of flu I’ve ever
had, and a full seven days later I haven’t seen the end of it.

Let’s call it the “balloon-head” flu because that is its most endearing
symptom – inflated sinuses. That and aching joints, zero appetite,
nausea, etc. etc.   A flu for the ages. Not so bad if you
like fever and sweating. Did that once already today.
The outside world tends to fade rapidly into the distance when it takes
all the energy you can muster to simply adjust a pillow or blanket. It
reminds me of a flu I had two summers ago working in the Rockies of
north-east B.C. The helicopter pilot came into camp sick and infected
the lot of us. First day the nose ran like a faucet all over those
beautiful mountain outcrops. Second day the chills. I had to stay in
the cabin. Even though it was well into the 20′s I had every stitch of
clothing on and had built a roaring fire in the stove! I sat as close
to it as I could without getting burnt.
This is definitely not a bug to be underestimated. One outing on
Wednesday set me back two days. So just a couple more sentences and
it’s back to the horizontal.
Readers should be forewarned. In case of the beginning balloon head, do
as the commercials say: plenty of rest, lots of fluids and every
possible drug you can get  your hands on. Good luck!

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