Globe hat-trick: wishful thinking Freudian slip the mask drops

December 21st, 2006
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Disavowals of bias from mainstream media practitioners generally send Dr. J. and me into bipolar cycles of hysterical cackling and vein-popping rage. It’s so obvious, yet they persist in claiming either objectivity or the non-bias of Canada’s broad, sensible middle.

I think we need a label for this. What shall it be? Hmmm. Oh, I know – how about “the deniers”?

In any case, sometimes the mask drops in a Freudian slip of wishful thinking, like this passage in an unsigned editorial in the Wednesday, December 20 Globe and Mail:

“To his credit, Prime Minister Dion has not repeated the mistakes of Mr. Martin, whose first acts as Liberal leader were to punish opponents in the party…”

The Doc pounced on this one. It was so inept that our laughter drove away any latent anger.

We routinely see signs that the mainstream media consider the Liberals the natural governing party, and indeed act as if they feel that a Canada governed by Conservatives is just unnatural. Witness the multi-day orgiastic infomercial of the recent Liberal convention.

As I said to the Doc, a Conservative/Alliance/Reform convention would get a fraction of the coverage overall, and a completely different approach. Instead of Liberal puff-pieces, the lead-up week would contain little features about some gay-hating cowboy trying to push through resolutions in favour of child poverty. Or perhaps a profile of a (token) female who proves to be somehow demented in her religiosity, proving that no normal Canadian woman joins a party like that. Or an interminable tear-jerker about the rare party “moderate” forced into the arms of the Liberals due to the Conservatives’ general nastiness.

While we’ve come to expect such stuff from the media, we were still surprised by the Globe’s attempt to crown Dion the winner months before an as-yet unknown election date.

Today’s correction was also funny. I yammered at Dr. J. on the way into work (talking on my cel phone while roaring down the Deerfoot): “Bet you anything they don’t tell people what the original mistake was, but just refer to ‘slightly inaccurate information’ the previous day.”

The correction: “Stéphane Dion is the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Leader of the Opposition. Because of an editing error, incorrect information appeared in an editorial Wednesday.”

“Editing error”: new euphemism for “ingrained bias”.

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