Now that’s “lite” – just not in the way they mean

November 28th, 2006
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“I wonder why so many thieves pick Honda Civics. Is it because they want that car to drive? Or is it just easy to steal?” – Lite 96 radio host

“Maybe it’s ‘all of the above’!” – radio hostette

This was overheard on a recent and typically challenging commute into town several days ago, and so I’m quoting from memory – but the “all of the above” is dead-accurate.

This Stupidism is self-explanatory, and layering on further derision seems like more Judy Sgro-style “hunting in a zoo” (as one of our readers called it).

We add only that this arithmetically aberrant hostette is the same very lite social philosopher who recently mentioned that assembling and filling up her new garage closet organizer made her feel “perfect”. She instantly careted a new category: the Banalo-Stupidism of the Week. Unwittingly, as always.

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