Needed: climate change – now!

November 27th, 2006
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As the “arctic outflow” continues in western Canada – in November – the desire for immediate warming increases.  The cold has been blamed for at least one death (a streetperson in Calgary) and shows little sign of diminishing. And only four months ’til spring!

Particularly hard hit has been our own Lotus Land on the left coast, B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. For most Canadians, watching B.C. motorists slide around on a skiff of snow, bald tires spinning like dynamos, is a rare seasonal spectator sport. But this storm produced more than a skiff – with disastrous results. Fallen trees, downed power lines and closed highways were the order of the day.

Dropping mercury tonight will increase the problem.

Not surprisingly, the temptation to link this abnormally COLD weather to climate change has been too great for some of our news outlets. According to Mr. K., Sandy Renaldo of CTV spoke last night in her most earnest of  “I feel your pain” tones of the unpredictable consequences of climate change and how we will all surely suffer from it. Meantime, whoever wasn’t digging out or frozen stiff was running their gas-guzzling SUV 24/7. Bring on that man-made warming!

Having had lunch last week with an astrophysicist friend and reader of Dr. J and Mr. K., Fred M., it’s worth reminding readers that many astrophysicists would naturally assume an overweening cosmic control on global climate. Sunspot activity is in fact assumed to be closely linked to historical climate variations. Readers may want to peruse this website for further data on the influence of cosmic rays on climate.

In the meantime, strip down, turn up the thermostat, and exhale as much as possible. Warming can happen if you want it.

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