The Pres-eye-dent Adventure

November 22nd, 2006
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“In his remarks today the…the…(pause)…Pres-eye-dent made his position clear to Congress” – Perky, curvy, CNN bingo-caller

Mr. K. adds: This brings to mind a half-forgotten old song by Marilyn Monroe. What was it again? Oh right: “Happy Birthday, Mr. Pres-eye-dent.”

The 24/7 news channels have clearly stretched the resources of thoughtful, serious news anchors. The presence of Katie Couric on the evening news merely underscores this. The upshot is that, in order to read the news on CNN, one’s only qualifications appear to be past participation in a Clairol ad.

The charming young lady quoted above seems to have had a little more intellectual wherewithal however. In deciphering the unusual word “president” in her news copy she clearly went through a thought process – from the known word “presiding” to its close relative “pres-eye-dent”. Rarely is such razor-sharp reasoning seen in cosmetic models.

Thanks to keen reader Mark K. for this one.

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