Frank Francophonie

September 30th, 2006
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What a turn of events that a Canadian Prime Minister, from the quiet burb of Leaside no less, can hold up as august a meeting as the Francophonie. Stephen Harper made news by denying the required consensus to an Egyptian resolution about the recent war in Lebanon.

Seems the original text regretted only Lebanese casualties and neglected to mention the 159 Israelis killed. More than five times as many Lebanese died. Mr. Harper held up proceedings until more balanced wording was composed.

Quite a week for the PM, after he exceeded Jacques Chirac’s expectations and spoke a very passable French at the summit. Wags have contrasted this with the, shall we say unique, intonations of Mr. Chretien.

Congrats to Mr. Harper for coming out on the right side of the issue. Even opposition critics backed off criticizing him for this one. Doing the right thing is its own reward, but sometimes you get fringe benefits.

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