Climate change makes strange bed fellows

September 25th, 2006
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What do Al Gore, a Calgary street person and a CNN weatherman have in common? If you guessed that they are all (self-proclaimed) authorities on climate change, you’d be right.

The inconvenient truth is that Gore’s misinformation has literally percolated down to street level, as recently witnessed by yours truly. On a particularly sunny downtown Calgary afternoon, a quite scruffy, by appearances middle-aged man was sitting on the corner of 8th Ave. and 6th St. SW. His plea for spare change was augmented by a hand-made cardboard sign. In shaky capital letters it read “I do not pollute. No carbon dioxide.” While one can’t fault his poor grasp of biochemistry, specifically respiration, unfortunately climate science also appears to be beyond his ken.

The weatherman is easier to explain. Early morning dozing last week in a Denver airport departure lounge, I watched the CNN weather report. ‘Cold weather ahead for the mid-west”, the congenial fellow intoned, “Toronto’s high will only be 63 degrees today…(and then the kicker)… which shows you that even in times of global warming we can expect some cold snaps”. This is reminiscent of the time a few years ago when the global warming protagonists enlisted scores of weathermen and women across North America to sign petitions endorsing climatic catastrophe. How unfortunate the catch phrase “Two thousand weathermen can’t be wrong” didn’t quite meet the organizers expectations.

And then there’s Al. Seems the climate guru was recently outed as an energy wasting Neanderthal. A celeb guilty of the greatest modern sin – hypocrisy – would normally be pilloried, but not the patron saint of climate catastrophism. He rated one measly article we could find – but good on USA Today. Thanks to reader K. B. for the heads up.

For those readers that missed them, Peter Foster wrote three excellent articles on the climate change issue in the Financial Post. Enjoy!

[FYI CTV led its evening newscast off with another blast of globally hot air.  You can view it here and say a prayer for the polar bears.]

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