Introducing Alberta Venture

September 22nd, 2006
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Or perhaps the other way around. Alberta Venture, the business monthly that’s grown into a very thick and substantial publication over the past several years, has asked me to write a monthly column, and I’ve eagerly agreed.

So Alberta Venture is also introducing Mr. George Koch. (Calling someone “Mister first-name-last name” always makes me think of that scene in Austin Powers when, apropos nothing, Austin yells, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Burt Bacharach!” Only I’m not in a white suit with a grand piano.)

The Alberta Venture column is entitled “Open Range” and will feature my typically small ‘c’ conservative take on economic and financial issues in Alberta, plus wider themes that affect the province.

My opening item is in the magazine’s September issue, which has been on the news stands for a couple of weeks. The column tracks the accelerating ramp-up in provincial royalty revenues from the oil sands, and argues that to heed the usual suspects’ calls to increase royalty rates now would be lunacy. The column has been posted under Latest Article above left.

We also have a new Stupidism of the Week up, after a lapse of a week or two.

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