Couple quick updates from a rural fatso

August 24th, 2006
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Just a couple of notes. Calgary-based readers might be interested to know that our latest opinion piece for the Calgary Herald is scheduled to run tomorrow.

There’s a new Stupidism of the Week item posted by Dr.J., for those who forget to click the button periodically.

I’m out at the RRC today, working on a lengthy magazine article, and so am too distracted to post anything lengthier.

You may have noticed recent news media coverage of a study claiming that rural Canadians are sadder, wheezier, lazier and fatter than the urban variety.

Strangely, as someone who lives in the country while commuting into town for business purposes most weekdays, I’ve found my weight, fitness and overall attitude fluctuate in exactly the inverse fashion. It’s a gorgeous day out here, I feel great, and after my writing work is done I’ll put in three solid hours working on the grounds. There isn’t a drive-thru for miles, so I’ll have to rely on garden tomatoes and berries for part of my diet.

As for my productivity, it bounces about at random.

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