Scarfing strudel as we speak

June 30th, 2006
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The legions of fans of Dr. J., the urbane, elegant, cosmopolitan half of this web site’s writing duo, have no doubt been weeping, wailing, ululating, gnashing their teeth and rending their garments in grief at the uniformly Mr. K. authorship of the past week’s blog entries.

As Pope John Paul II urged in his first address, “Be not afraid.” The Doc is merely engaged in one of his favourite activities, loafing about various European metropoli where he lounges for hours on end in fine cafes and conditoreie, slurping dark-roasted coffee and scarfing as many pastries as his tummy can hold. His charming wife and two wonderful daughters are loosely in tow.

Dr. J. has pledged to attempt to rouse himself from his long sessions gazing in rapture at the latest apfel strudel or blueberry streussel long enough to file the occasional blog.

In the meantime, why not check out the latest Stupidism of the Week?

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