Incremental media recognition

April 28th, 2006
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We’ve commented several times, including here and here, on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s evident strategy to build support among more and more Canadians through a policy of incrementalism. These are small but meaningful changes that clearly distinguish the Conservatives from the old Liberal governments, that are substantive improvements in their own right and, importantly, can be accomplished without attempting to pass legislation in a minority setting.

Today friend and former colleague Lorne Gunter has an excellent column on this subject, with numerous examples and detail, in the Edmonton Journal. Sadly, this link is locked and the full story is available only to subscribers. On the bright side, the most important point is in the first paragraph, which is readable by all.

Also, our column on yesterday’s luncheon on global warming by scientist Chris de Freitas is in today’s Calgary Herald. Strangely, this exclusive piece of work is not locked, and can be read by all.

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