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April 27th, 2006
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Watch for our op-ed in tomorrow’s (Friday, April 28) Calgary Herald on today’s luncheon speech on global warming by Chris de Freitas. Our editor at the paper has already fielded a steady stream of e-mails by global warming zealots seeking to discredit de Freitas, who considers himself an “agnostic” on the increasingly embattled theory, even before he dares to speak. His crime: having published papers by scientists who are skeptical of the theory’s underpinnings.

De Freitas is also the subject of vicious caricatures by warmed-over Marxists in the U.K. who adopted the pseudo-religion of global warming apparently as a suitable substitute for the communist pseudo-religion that no longer fulfils their aspirations.

For our part, we’ll be interested in what de Freitas actually has to say. Calgary readers, please check out tomorrow’s paper for our commentary. (For others, it will appear under Latest Article after the required delay.)

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