Heartening the believers

April 25th, 2006
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Alert reader Sharon of Ontario evidently liked our blog entry of April 15, Goading the Secularists. Today she wrote to inform Dr. J. and Mr. K. that, “We have noticed that the Prime Minister’s recent speeches in Montreal and Winnipeg, as sent out by the PMO, do not have ‘God bless Canada’ at the end.”

Concerned, we checked with a source in the PMO, who informed us that the closing is delivered by the prime minister, Stephen Harper, at his own discretion. The prepared texts do not determine whether or not he chooses the invocation.

If the recent media wailing about Harper’s allegedly George Bush-inspired practice was threatening to have any negative effect, it should be amply counterbalanced by the results of this recent poll. It indicated that 65 percent of Canadians approve of Harper closing his speeches with the invocation, “God bless Canada”. Apparently, some are privy to a more detailed regional breakdown, which showed support was lower, but still in the majority, even in secular Quebec.

As Dr. J. and I have written many times, conservative positions consistently outpoll Conservative (or Reform and Alliance) politicians. This suggests the party, and its leader, have substantial room to grow merely by continuing to advocate what they believe in.

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