Merry Christmas, Peace and Happiness to All

December 23rd, 2005
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Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the days beyond. We won’t be blogging much, if at all, over the next week or so. (But Latest Article will continue to be updated!)

Dr. J. and Mr. K. are spending Christmas with their respective parents, then vacationing with their most treasured loved ones.

George will be skiing with Laurie in the mountains of B.C., while the sadly benighted non-skiing John has decamped with his wife and two daughters to some unspeakable warm place where palm trees wave and people drink iced adult beverages in mid-winter.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the brave people of Iraq and Afghanistan, who are struggling heroically to fashion new democracies, where children are once again going to school, and women are again allowed to vote and participate in society. Whatever you think of George Bush, these are good things.

To everyone who’s logged on since we launched Dr. J. and Mr. K. in October, thanks for reading. We hope you’ve found something to amuse, inform or inflame you over our not-yet three-month blogging experience.


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